1. Purest Water a was contacted by us to deal with several well water related problems. From the very first visit to the last one, we were most impressed with their professional approach to our problem. They identified the cause of our problems and suggested the appropriate solutions. From beginning to end, Purest Water kept us informed and no effort was too much for him. He commissioned the full suggested system last month and we now have excellent quality water, meeting the highest quality standards, thanks to him. Due to careful planning from his part the whole system was brought in below the allocated budget. We can recommend them any reservation. In these days where customer service often means “lip service” only, They proved that real good old fashioned customer care and service is alive and well.
Albert A Kleyn
Cork Animal Care Society, Newcestown

2. I had a system installed in 2006 by a competitor of Purest Water & to treat Iron & Manganese - it never worked properly and they refused to return to service it. Once the sale was made they didn't want to know about it. Luckily I got in contact with Purest Water who serviced it and had to make alterations for it to work properly, he also serviced my water pump.
Sean from Goleen

3. I had a submersible pump replaced in 2006 but it was cutting out and the water was dirty. I contacted Purest Water, he had to upgrade the pump from ½ horse power to 1&½ horse power, as it wasn't big enough to give the output of water required for a sand based filter. To take out the dirt he upgraded the ¾ inch piping that was coming from the well. It's now working perfectly.
Anne from Bandon

4. I had a leak in my cylinder tank and my kids suffered from dry skin. Purest Water & advised me of a grant available and they installed a Ph Resin Correction system. Advised not to install a chemical dosing system. I would highly recommend them.
Donal from Tallow

5. I had a system to treat Iron, Manganese Ph and Hardness installed in 2002 by another company, It never worked and service people came back regularly. After a short period whites couldn't be washed and sanitary was staining. From a contact, I got Purest Water´s number and he had to start from scratch, he took a water analysis as he is a approved sampler for grant purposes and got it analysed. I had to replace the submersible pump as it wasn't big enough and replaced existing units that were in place to supposedly treat unwanted chemicals and turbidity.
For the first time since living in house we have perfect water. We also qualified for a Grant. Purest Water & provide an excellent service and stand over their work 100%. I have no problem recommending them.
David from Sandycove

6. Purest Water & provide personal service for recommendations, installations and after sales service. When a system is installed, operation and maintenance of the unit is taken over by Purest Water. In the event of an emergency, it is comforting that there is somebody available at the end of a phone. Excellent service.
Donough from Kenmare