1. What is causing dry skin, sanitary going blue/green, highlights in hair going green and leaks developing in cylinder and pipe work?

Most probably water is acidic and you may be entitled to a Grant for water correction following a water test.

2. Why have I brown staining in bath and showers clogging up, also highlights in hair going orange?

Iron in water. Advise to test and you may be eligible for a grant for a correction system.

3. Odor/Rotten Egg Smell from water?

Carbon unit or Aeration system required, advise that water be tested to access full status of water. Grant may be available for correction.

4. Black staining in kettles, and sanitary?

Most probably manganese in water. Grant may be available following water analysis.

5. Scaling in kettle, showers and heating systems inefficient?

This results from hardness from lime or magnesium. Water analysis should be carried out to determine status of water.

6. What are the effects of high Nitrates in water?

High levels of Nitrates can cause blue baby syndrome in babies and can also affect elderly. Reverse Osmosis unit for drinking water will suffice provided that other containments are addressed if they exist.

7. Vomiting and Diarrhea?

Bacteria may be present in water in the form of Faecal or Total Coliforms. Microbiological analysis of water must be carried out and a Grant may be available for correction. Ultra Violet Unit is normally installed to address bacteria in water.